Free Radicals

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A World Premiere Play
By Brenda Kilianski

The Chicago Reader says, "Played compassionately by Iris Lieberman, Lydia even becomes a surrogate mother to Jenn Sava Ryan's broken survivor."

Centerstage says of the performances, "Both SavaRyan and Lieberman played their roles beautifully, creating well-rounded human beings out of what could have been one-dimensional characters. Particularly, SavaRyan blazed with dynamic energy, humanizing quixotic Nancy's quick turns from rapture to rage and back."

Directed by Lydia Milman

A child of the '60s, now in her sixties - an ex-radical just released from a long-term prison stint - finds herself incarcerated once again, this time by the adult daughter of one of her victims. Lydia Carmichael is about to find out if she faces even further consequences when she's held hostage by Nancy Ormsby, a woman whose mother was killed in a botched robbery involving the once-privileged Barnard co-ed 30 years earlier.

March 27 - April 25, 2008
Performances are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
North Lakeside Cultural Center
6219 North Sheridan Road, Chicago
Call 773.936.7896 for information!
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Thai Grill and Noodle Bar on Granville - If you dine there before the show the restaurant will allow you to leave your car in their lot during the performance!

Not in the mood for Thai? If you give us a few days notice, we can secure parking at the lot across the street. They require parking passes that you can pick up in the theatre and return to your car to place them in the windshield. The cost is only $5 (and it's not wise to park there without the pass as you may get towed). So please ask about parking when placing your reservation!

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