Nobody Likes Retsina

Chicago. 1930.

Ari and Vasilis are Greek brothers who bootleg Retsina, a wine which requires a certain appreciation in order to drink. That's good Retsina.

The Retsina that the brothers make in the basement of their 2-flat is described by an Irish cop, "You should go to Alcatraz for what you guys have been selling!" Retsina sales have been almost non-existent. Ari, the brains of the family, now has a new plan.

Since Ari and Vasilis each have a daughter, the brothers must marry off the girls to rich Greeks in order to get out of bootlegging Retsina. Then the whole family will benefit from their new rich relatives.

The overeager fathers each pursue "gombro" or bridegroom, for their reluctant daughters. Ari arranges a marriage for his daughter Edna to a Greek doctor. Edna has other ideas. She is in love with Chester, a Polish man for whom she works in a candy factory.

In grand style, not only does everything fail, but family members turn against Ari and chaos ensues. All seems lost until Edna's beloved Chester, saves the day, saves the family, and saves Ari. All hopes, dreams and plans are realized through charming songs and memorable tunes in this brand new musical comedy.

This dinner theatre event is a must-see musical comedy for the entire family!

WHEN: 6:45 p.m.
Monday and Tuesday, February 28 - April 4, 2011. Show runs during dinner.

WHERE: The Parthenon Restaurant in the Banquet Room, 314 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL. Valet parking is free of charge.

TICKETS:$65, includes dinner and valet parking.
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The Parthenon Restaurant will serve a meal consisting of appetizer, salad, entree, dessert, a glass of wine and a small glass of Retsina. Additional drinks are extra.

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