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Political Vagenda

Stockyards Theatre Project presents the World Premiere of POLITICAL VAGENDA, an autumn cornucopia of sketch comedy just in time for political debates, electoral primaries, and politics as usual.

Why This? Why Now?

Nothing is more political than being a woman in 2015. Women?s bodies and what they do with them have been the subject in legal battles all the way to the Supreme Court. With the political arena gearing up for what looks to be a wild election year, Stockyards Theatre Project is preparing to poke holes in some ideals and ideas with its new sketch comedy review. Stockyards Theatre Project?s mission statement is ?giving volume to the voices of women,? and in this show they?re turning up the volume with comedy. Comedy that makes you think ? but not too hard.

From Play for Keeps Workshops

Stockyards Theatre Project began in 1999, and over the years it has produced a number of original works and world premieres. In 2006 Stockyards established the Play for Keeps workshop, which offers female actors the opportunity to use their skills by writing out the ideas for monologues, scenes and short plays. It wasn?t long before beginning and professional writers began to join the workshop. Many of the sketches in POLITICAL VAGENDA have their roots in the Play for Keeps program.

Production Details

Cast: Ashley Bagot, Laura Elleseg, Cassi Grindel, Crystal Hartford, Keyanna Khatiblou, Jake Miser, Chase Nordman, Richard Paro, Francesca Peppiatt, Cyra K. Polizzi, Tanise Robnett, Ivory Stahly, Patricia Tinsley, Paul Tinsley, Anuja Vaidya and David Weiner.

Writers: Alif Muhammad, Laura Nessler, Richard Paro, Francesca Peppiatt, Tanise Robnett, Lucca Suvi, Paul Tinsley and John Weagley

Directors: Richard Paro, Tanise Robnett, Lucca Suvi and Patricia Tinsley

Public House Theatre

Regular run: October 25 ? November 10
Curtain Times: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday at 8 pm
Tickets: $10

LOCATION: The Public House Theatre, 3914 N. Clark Street, Chicago

Tickets are available at www.pubhousetheatre.com, by calling 1-800-650-6449 or in-person at the Public House Theatre Box Office.

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